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Who is Monkey Pie? You Are!!

Monkey Pie is fun, smart, creative and full of energy just like you!
Empowered and passionate about all the good things in life – in your life - is what makes our world exciting. Only be you!

You are The
Monkey Pie Power
Of Goodness!

Monkey Pie has awesome sporty tees, caps, sports towels, and of course the fabulous Super Tote! Monkey Pie goes everywhere!

New colors and products change year-round – some trendy, some classic. Check out the Forum tab for seasonal updates and contests where you can get crafty!

Dawn Lavoir, owner/operations manager of Monkey Pie, Inc., supports causes that create meaningful differences in others’ lives. After earning her master's degree in social anthropology, she remained working in the private sector on research projects involving healthcare and market research. Also important to Dawn is her local involvement in cultural and historic preservation, generating awareness of sensitive issues that affect the future of our communities.

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